Monday, March 16, 2009

George Augustus Holmes

[Young Friends] '76
oil on canvas


Anonymous said...

I have a print of GA Holmes. It is "Can't You Talk" Probably belonged to my Grandparents who live in Philadelphia. It is not in good condition but I recently purchased a document frame top try to preserve It. Can you give me the complete story that is on the back ? Parts are missing. Such a sweet discription of the subjects.
Thank You

Hermes said...

Sorry I don't know that picture and can't trace it at all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for trying to trace this picture. It is a baby crawing and and a Collie and a kitten on a porch outside the kitchen door. I have taken a picture with my digital camera and could forward it to you if I had an e mail address.
Again Thank-you for trying to help me on this subject.
Pluckemin, NJ USA

Hermes said...

Thank you but I really can't think of any way to tell you more.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am French Canadian and I am living in Quebec, and I have the same " Can't you talk " By G.C.Holmes but in the back, it's written with a note Can't you talk? By G.A.Holmes. It's not the same name on the front and in the back. And the dimension is 14 X 11. Hoping somebody else have the same paint or picture. And excuse my english writting.
Best regards,

Hermes said...

There is a long discussuion about Holmes here which might help. Otherwise I'm afraid I just don't know.

useya said...

The original of this was on antiques road show aired on BBC1 on 14 November 2010. Value £4-6k

Jennifer Ballew said...

i have an original G.A. Holmes painting dated 1893 Its a still life floral painting. If anyone is interested please contact me.