Friday, August 5, 2011

Is this Jack the Ripper?

A new book sensationally claims to unmask Jack the Ripper - as the Scotland Yard detective who led the hunt for the serial killer.

A Spanish investigator names Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline as the man who brutally murdered at least five women in Victorian London.

Jose Luis Abad, 84, makes the claim in his book 'Jack the Ripper: The most intelligent murderer in history', published in Spain this week.

Mr Abad is a handwriting expert and bases his claims on a comparison of Chief Inspector Abberline's writing with that of Jack the Ripper's diary - a 63 page document that surfaced in Liverpool in 1992.

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Hels said...

It always seemed strange that Prince Albert Duke of Clarence might have been responsible for the murders and the painter Walter Sickert was even a less likely candidate. But they were targets because (I am guessing) of their slightly darker sides.

I wonder what behaviours and attitudes made Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline a viable candidate.

Hermes said...

Strange how this set of murders is still regarded with such interest today. The ew theory is based on handwriting 'evidence'. We;ll never really know of course.