Friday, February 22, 2008

Louise J. Rayner - Windsor

1832 - 1924.
Architectural and topographical painter and watercolourist. Daughter of Samuel Rayner.
signed 'Louise Rayner'
pencil and watercolour heightened with bodycolour
9 x 14"


  1. I have just aquired a signed print by Louise Raynor it must be at least seventy years old so not a modern copy, it has me perplexed as I cannot seem to identify the town it depicts? I have researched it but cannot see this particular town. It has a rather typical focal point in the distance of what appears to be a french looking turret style building with top hatted people in a rather busy town and a pub called the The Turks head inn. Any ideas where this might be. Other shops are Adam & eve and the colours are rich and it would seem as it hasnt been exposed to sunlight happily as so many prints do, I havent taken it out of the frame for fear of damaging it. The old oak frame is what fo me helps to determine its age. Any ideas?

  2. Sorry no, though it is quite possible she travelled on the Continent. Her life is not well documented. The best source is:

  3. the prints we have of 3 Chester paintings say her dates were 1829 to 1924. I wonder which dates are correct. I would appreciate any other info you have if you could possible email me on

  4. Christopher Wood gives 1829 - 1924 so I think you are right.

  5. i have a old water colour by Louise Raynor depicting a city street do you know if there is any value to this

  6. Brandi,
    it will always depend on size, condition and subject. But a good original watercolour by her must be in the £20 - £25,000 region these days. Have it valued properly. A lot of auction houses have free valuation days.