Friday, February 26, 2010

Edward Hughes - Christmas Greetings

signed l.r.: Edward Hughes

oil on canvas
63 1/2 by 49 in.
Hammer Price with Buyer's Premium: 24,500 GBP


  1. Pictures like this always remind me of the paintings I used to look at in Kenwood House in London when I was a child.


  2. It would make a great card. A bit cute for me and reminds me of one of those 'perfect' childhoods. Never been to Kenwood - sounds good.

  3. When I left the comment I started to say how these kinds of painting brought about conflicts in me . . . then stopped . . .

    I could see they were pretty, my parents seemed to admire the images but I knew I could never be like the children in the pictures, didn't really want to be like the children in the pictures, thought I ought to want to be like the children in the pictures . . . the result was that they loomed over me.

    I think it was a print of this we had at home

    - except I thought the title was 'The Dancing Lesson'.


  4. I had a very good childhood, but I think all children feel that sort of insecurity. I doubt if I turned out what my Father especially realy wanted, and I know they would have liked more children, but they have genuinely done their best not to show these things over the years. I felt a lot of pressure as an only child and was no doubt spoilt rotten!