Sunday, April 3, 2011

Handfinished layered valentine's card: 19th century

Handfinished, layered valentine's card comprising a top sheet of pink & gilded lace paper with a central heart shaped motif cameo embossed with an image of three flying cherubs and a dove. This heart flaps down to reveal an applied paper decoration below printed with a blue ribbon marked 'Love, Truth, Constance & Affection'. The back of the sheet is decorated with an applied smaller sheet of silver and white lace paper decorated with a central paper print of a young girl, head and shoulders only. The inner sheet is of lilac lace paper with a floral design surrounding an oval shaped central area. Applied to this area is a paper panel printed with a bunch of flowers. Below is applied a garland of pink frosted paper leaves and silver and gilded leaves. This sheet is stuck to the back of the card.

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