Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I'm continuing with my own work on British art history and its obvious that the Newlyn and British Impressionism artists and schools overlap much more than I originally thought. So I will in the future include them on this blog along with some later 'modern' art I think is important.

When I have more time I will also include more text to try and explain these lovely pictures and their context. I will still include features of life in this period, though those interested may like to look at my other blog

The other blogs now incorporated here will be:

The period covered here was roughly meant to follow Messum's (dealer) but they start at 1750 and I prefer roughly 1837 - the start of the Victorian era.

I'm aware that my Pre-Raphaelite blog could be included here

but I'm still finding out so much about that 'movement' and the artists involved that I would prefer to keep the blogs separate, despite some obvious overlaps.