Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Henry Scott Tuke

[The Sun-bather]
signed and dated 'Tuke.1911.' (lower left)
oil on canvas
18 1/2 x 26 in.
Price Realized £57,600

[Portrait of Johnny Jackett]
oil on canvas
15 1/8 x 12 in.
Price Realized £19,200


Hels said...

Damn. I had a theory about naked young athletic men romping on the beach - largely that it was a German passion in the late Victorian and Edwardian times. Given Tuke's paintings, I had to go back and add a modification to my original thinking :)

Thanks for the link

Hermes said...

Tuke has become a Gay icon in this country and I was peripherally involved (though not personally gay) protesting when an exhibition of his remarkable work was banned in Cornwall through protests from Christian groups. I can't think of any other painter like him in Victorian Britain so your theory may still be right.