Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Angels

[Angels Watching the Crown of Thorns and the Rod with which Christ was Scourged]
oil on canvas
painted in 1848 when Rossetti was working in the studio of Ford Madox Brown. It seems to be unfinished in parts. It was rediscoverec in the 70's and offered for auction at Sotherby's in 2006.

G. F. Watts - portrait

[portrait of Miss Chariclea Ionides, later Dannreuther]
oval, oil on panel laid on panel
Chariclea was the fifth and last child of Alexander Constantine and Euterpe Ionides and was born in 1844. This was painted about 1849. She married the pianist Edward Dannreuther in 1871.

William Holman Hunt - portrait

thought to be of Isabella Waugh
oil on canvas
painted about 1866 and seems to have been unfinished before he set out for his trip to the Holy Land. He may just have run out of time. Isabella was one of the Waugh sisters, of which Hunt married two - Fanny (who died in 1866) and later Edith (in 1875). In English law this was technically illegal and the Waugh family were opposed to it.

Charles Spencelayh

[Our Polly]
oil on canvas
[The Final Feather] 1928
oil on canvas

Monday, September 29, 2008

Charles Spencelayh - The Collector

oil on panel

12 x 10"

John Edward Southall - portrait

[portrait of Edward Martin Baker] 1907
tempera and gold paint on panel
signed with monogram and dated l.r. JES/1907
8 x 6"
1861 - 1944.

William B. Fortescue - A Ploughing Match, Cornwall

oil on canvas
signed W.B.Fortescue/1891
with title and artists address
40 x 72"
fl. 1880 - 1901 d. 1924.
(with biography)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys - Portrait of Mrs Christy

[Portrait of Mrs Christy and her two sons, Stephen and Basil]
signed F Sandys 1900 l.l.
coloured chalks over traces of pencil on a backboard
Mrs Christy was the daughter of Admiral Sir G. Phipps Hornby.
She married Henry Edmund Christy (1865 - 1931) of Lordington, Emsworth, near Chichester.
Both these sons died in the Great War (WWI). Apparently the two boys were rather troublesome during the sitting, particularly Stephen who kept turning his head away.
Stephen was born in 1896, Basil the year after.

John William Godward - A Choice Blossom

this is a version of a larger oil painting of the same year

(Sir) Edward Coley Burne-Jones - Study head Andromeda

[Study for the head of Andromeda in the painting 'The Rock of Doom']

Kenneth Denton Shoesmith

sold at Sotheby's 1998
these pictures depicting the main events of the Spanish Armada were commissioned by the First Lord Vestry for his dining room at Kingswood (in Dulwich). Later they were presented to Radley College where they hung until 1976.
1890 - 1939.
all oil on canvas

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Alexander M. Rossi - The Morning News

oil on canvas
fl. 1870 - 1903.

Edith Hume

[The Toy Boat]
oil on canvas
fl. 1862 - 1892.

Edgar Hunt

[Ponies, Chickens and a Donkey in a Stable]
one of a pair 1936
oil on canvas
[Chickens and Goats] 1936
oil on canvas
[Cockerel, Hens and Pigeons]
one of a pair 1926/8
oil on canvas
1876 - 1953.

Alfred de Breanski

[The Close of the Day]
oil on canvas
[Five Elms Cottage, Hayes Common, Kent] 1890
oil on canvas

Monday, September 22, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

John Clayton Adams - In a Surrey Lane

oil on canvas
1840 - 1906.

Thomas Sidney Cooper - The Milkmaid

oil on canvas

William Underhill - Feathered Friends

oil on canvas
fl. 1848 - 1870.

William Powell Frith - Goldsmith scene

Sketch for "Honeywood introducing the Baliffs as his friends"
Goldsmith "The Good-natured Man" Act iii, scene 1
oil on board
a sketch for the large oil painting exhibited at the RA in 1850 (now in the V&A)