Saturday, May 31, 2008

Briton Riviere - Collies

watercolour over pencil heightened with bodycolour

John Haynes-Williams

[A Doubtful Bargain] 1872
oil on canvas
1836 - 1908.

[Preparing Vegetables]

George Bernard O'Neill - The Broken Engagement

oil on panel

Frank Stone

[Plotting Mischief]
oil on canvas
father of Marcus Stone (cf).
1800 - 1859.
Painter of portraits and historical genre paintings and illustrator. Born in Manchester, came to London in 1831. At first painted watercolours but later oils and exhibited at the RA and elsewhere. Pictures tend to be sentimental. Both he and his son were friends of Dickens.

Friday, May 30, 2008

(Georges) William Thornley

[Shipping off St Michael's Mount]
[Whitby Bay]
both oil on canvas

1857 - 1933.

William Thornley also went by the names of Georges William and Thornbery. He was a painter of genre, architecture, landscape, marine and fishing scenes. He exhibited works at the Paris Salon and the Salon of French Artists, receiving an honorable mention in 1881 and a third place medal in 1888. He painted a number of landscapes of Holland, Norway, Belgium and Italy, but is best remembered for his seascapes.

Edward Killingworth Johnson - The Playful Pet

watercolour heightened with bodycolour and gum arabic

Henry John Yeend King - Woolhampton on the Kennet

oil on panel

William Hemsley

[Gathering Round] 1857
oil on canvas

b. 1819 - fl. 1848 - 1893.
London genre painter, son of an architect, a profession he followed himself, teaching himself painting in his spare time. Travelled in Germany and Holland, Often painted children at play. His pictures are usually quite small.

[Writing a Letter]

[Baking Day]
currently for sale

[The Weekly Newspaper]
oil on canvas

[Sunday Morning]
oil on panel

[The First Pipe] 1860
oil on board

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beryl Cook R.I.P.

Completely out of period of course, but I have to put up a small tribute to one of my favourite modern artists who lived most of her life in Plymouth.

John Henry Mole

[Gathering Firewood] 1873
watercolour heightened with bodycolour

1814 - 1886.

[The Young Milkmaid]
+ short biog.

[A Hopeful Parting] 1861

[The return of the flock, near Reigate, Surrey] 1859
Watercolor heightened with bodycolour

[The crofter's family] 1852
Watercolor heightened with bodycolour

A landscape and figure painter in oil and watercolour, as well as being a miniature painter. He was born in Alnwick, Northumberland and was the son of a cabinet maker and started work as a clerk. After painting miniatures for some time he turned to landscape and figure painting, although he continued with portrait painting also. By 1845 he exhibited a painting at the Royal Academy and eventually exhibited a total of 600 works at the New Watercolour Society by the time of his death in 1886.

Thomas Sidney Cooper - In the Highlands

oil on board

William Huggins - Bird Aviary

oil on board

Lucy Ann Leavers

[Chicks feeding]
oil on canvas

Lucy Ann Leavers was a 19th Century British artist born in Nottingham. She flourished from 1887 through 1898, is best known for her paintings of genre scenes and animals. Often painting in a large scale, her work is characterized by a highly finished style and her choice of compositions, which often put animals in amusing situations. She exhibited seven works at the Royal Academy between 1887 and 1898.

[In a Fix]
oil on canvas

[Barnyard Friends]
oil on canvas

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

William Shayer Snr.

[A rabbit seller in the New Forest]
oil on board
1787 - 1879.

David Wilkie Wynfield

[The Arrest of Anne Boleyn 'during dinner her ladies, who knew what was comming, durst hardly speak to her, scarcely had the 'surnap' been removed when the Duke of Norfolk, and one or two Lords of the Council, entered her presence, accompanied by Sir William Kingston, the Constable of the Tower. At the sight of the latter the Queen started up in terror.'
oil on canvas

1837 - 1887.

[An incident in the life of Queen Elizabeth]

Haynes King

[The Letter] 1872
oil on canvas

1831 - 1904.

[Motherly Care] 1872
oil on canvas

[An Interesting Paragraph]

William Bromley - The Blackberry Gatherers

oil on panel

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Edward Wilkins Waite - two paintings

[End of the Day]
[The Country Path]
both oil on canvas
fl. 1878 - c. 1927
Landscape painter who lived in Blackheath, Reigate and Dorking.

John Faulkener

[Near Birmingham]

c. 1830 - 1888.

[Crookhaven, Co. Cork]
Pencil and Watercolor heightened with bodycolor

[Figures hauling in the nets in an Irish lake landscape] 1869
oil on canvas

James Thomas Linnell

[On the Moor] 1862
oil on canvas
1820 - 1905.
James Linnell was the fourth child, and second son, of, the Romantic landscape painter, John Linnell (1792-1882). He grew up in the circle of William Blake, and became brother-in-law to Samuel Palmer (Palmer marrying his eldest sister, Hannah, in 1837). His own achievement suggests that he was the finest of Linnell’s familial followers.

[Shepherd Boys tending their flock at sunset]1889
oil on canvas

[A Thunder Shower] 1859
oil on canvas

[Harvest Time] 1865
oil on canvas

Charles Jones

[Cattle and Sheep Resting] '79
oil on canvas
1836 - 1892.

John Linnell - The Rest

oil on canvas

Monday, May 26, 2008

Henry Andrews

[The Garden Party] 1866
oil on canvas
fl. 1830 - 1860.
London genre and historical painter. Exhibited at the RA 1830-1858. Imitated and adapted Watteau who he may also have forged. His pictures still have a decorative appeal.
not George Henry Andrews another good Victorian artist.

Joseph Bouvier

[Maidens gathering Fruit]
[Maidens Reclining]
pair, oil on canvas
fl. 1839 - 1888.
French artist

George Hayes

[Celebration by the Sea] 1879
oil on canvas

fl. 1855 - 1875.
(1823 - 1895)

There is an American artist of the same name.

George Augustus Williams

[The Paddock Gate]
exhibited 1865
oil on canvas
1814 - 1901.

[The hurdy-gurdy man] 1845
oil on canvas

[The harvest field, morning]
oil on canvas

[A break in the clouds] 1861
oil on canvas