Sunday, August 31, 2008

John Frederick Herring Jnr

[Horses, ducks and cows in a farmyard]
[Horses, ducks and pigs in a farmyard]
both oil on canvas
a pair

Henry A. Woollett

[A farmyard, horses, chickens and ducks in a farmyard] 1859
oil on canvas
(b. c. 1826) fl. 1851 - 1873.

Heywood Hardy - The Morning Ride

oil on canvas

Thomas Sidney Cooper - Cattle by a Cottage

[Cattle by a Cottage and a rider with his dog, Canterbury beyond]
oil on board
the foreground is identical to his RA exhibit of 1890 A Morning in October

Saturday, August 30, 2008

(Sir) Lawrence Alma-Tadema - Portrait

[Portrait of a young man, half length, wearing a blue cravat, c. 1854]
oil on canvas

Louis Grimshaw - View of Bradford

oil on canvas
view of the east end of the then parish church of St Peter's, Bradford. Tgis church was made a Cathredral in 1919. The tower to the left is the Town Hall. Most of this view has since been redeveloped.

John Atkinson Grimshaw - Waiting

oil on board, laid down on panel

Sidney Richard Percy

[View of Snowdon] 1877
oil on canvas
[Cattle in a highland landscape] 1883
oil on canvas
[Down to the Lake] 1862 (August)
oil on canvas

Friday, August 29, 2008

Benjamin Williams Leader

[On the River Llugwy, North Wales] 1872
oil on board

[Late Autumn on an English River] 1877
oil on canvas

Charles James Lewis

oil on canvas
1830 - 1892.
Painter of landscapes and domestic subjects, rustic genre and angling scenes. Very popular in his time and being a fast painter, many works were produced. Exhibited at the RA and elsewhere.

Sidney Richard Percy - Near Dolgelly, North Wales

oil on canvas

John Clayton Adams

[Haymaking] 1871
oil on canvas
1840 - 1906.
Landscape painter from Surrey, Lived in Edmonton and Guildford. Exhibited at the RA and elsewhere with views mainly of Surrey and southern counties in a natural style and marked use of light and colour.

[Silver Summer] 1880
oil on canvas
(including works currently for sale)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Henry H. Parker

[A Surrey Cornfield]
oil on canvas
1858 - 1930.
Midlands landscape painter. Not known to have exhibited in London although he painted mainly views of the Thames and in Surrey, Kent and in Wales.

John Brandon Smith

[Ruthven Falls, North Wales] 1898
oil on canvas
1848 - 1884.
London landscape painter, Exhibited at the RA and elsewhere. Known for his paintings of rivers and waterfalls.

George Turner

[Landscape with a shepherd and his flock, resting] '74
oil on canvas
1843 - 1910.
Landscape painter. Born in Cromford, Derbyshire, worked in Birmingham, Barrow-on-Trent and Idringehay, Derbyshire. His panoramic landscapes are very popular.

Frederick William Hulme - A Surrey Glade

oil on canvas

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

William Powell Frith - Blessing the Little Children

[Blessing the little Children, an episode in the great annual procession of Our Lady of Boulogne] 1874
oil on canvas
In 1854 when the building of Notre Dame was near compleyion, the Abbot started an annual procession in which a statue of the Virgin Mary was carried through the streets. Frith first visited Boulogne on holiday in 1871 aand this picture, offered at Christie's in 2002, seems to be a replica of the one that Frith exhibited at the RA in 1874. To the right of the picture kneeling are Frith's two daughters Annabella and Jane. The Abbot is Abbe Toursel who served as a model.

William Parrott

[Peace in Naples : Francis II at the Festival of Piedigrotta in the Villa Reale, Naples, 7th September 1859] 1861
oil on canvas
1813 - 1869.
Topographical painter and watercolourist, and lithographer. Exhibited at the RA (1835 - 63) and elsewhere. Visited Paris, Rome and Germany. Best remembered for his Italian views, particularly of Rome.

Frederick James Shields

[Mary Magdelene]
oil on canvas
This may be related to his commission for the Chapel of Eaton Hall, Cheshire.
1833 - 1911.
A Manchester painter considered a Pre-Raphaelite and also a watercolourist and decorator. He was a close friend of Rossetti and Ford Madox Brown. His work was realistic in tone and usually religious, in style he seems close to Holman Hunt.

G F Watts - Haystacks

[Haystacks (Study on Brighton Downs)] 1882
oil on canvas
exhibited Grovesnor Gallery 1883 (as Study on Brighton Downs)
Watts had a Winter studio in Brighton and no doubt noticed the subject whilst travelling there. After exhibiting it, the picture was given by the artist to Sir Frederic Leighton who admired it. They were close friends and neighbours in the artists colony around Holland Park.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Valentine Cameron Prinsep - My Lady Betty

exhibited RA 1864
oil on canvas

Jonathan Pratt

[The Studio of a Rustic Genius] 1883
oil on canvas
1835 - 1911.
Birmingham genre painter. Exhibited at the RA 1871 - 1903 and elsewhere. His son Claude Pratt was also a painter.

William Maw Egley

[Catherine of Aragon] 1852
oil on canvas
An imaginary encounter between Catherine (on the left) and Anne Voleyn (holding the Queen of Hearts). The backdrop illustrates the story of Anthony and Cleopatra. Anne is seated in front of a personification of 'Ambition'.
The picture is fairly typical of the first part of Egley's career up to about 1855 when his friendship with Frith led him to depict more contemporary scenes (see below). After about 1862 he painted mainly 18th C scenes.

1826 - 1916.
London historical genre painter. Son of William Egley - a miniaturist. Exhibited at the RA 1843 - 1898 and elsewhere. His workbooks list over a 1,000 works but the middle period is the most collected and his quality is considered rather uneven.

[Omnibus Life in London] 1859
oil on canvas

William Powell Frith - The Keepsake

[The Keepsake]
One of a number of 'commercial' paintings that Frith did depicting solitary women in everyday circumstances
oil on canvas
[Dolly Varden]
from Dicken's Barnaby Rudge (1840). Frith painted a number of versions and this may be a sketch for a larger version commissioned by Dicken's himself.
oil on panel.

Price Realized £1,645 (Dolly)
It is possible that this is a sketch for the larger picture commissioned by Charles Dickens in 1842, of Dolly 'tripping through the woods, looking back saucily at her lover'. Following the success of Frith's first pictures of Dolly, derived from various episodes of Dickens' Barnaby Rudge (1840), Dickens had requested 'two little companion pictures: one, a Dolly Varden (whom you have so exquisitely done already), the other, a Kate Nickleby'. Frith was delighted to be favoured by 'one of the greatest geniuses that ever lived'. The subject - 'with her cherry-coloured mantle and the hat and pink ribbons' inspired many subsequent versions; the latest being dated 1902.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Edmund Blair Leighton - Gossip

oil on canvas
exhibited at the RA in 1881

Frederick Daniel Hardy - Mischievous White Washers

oil on canvas
Shows Hardy and his brother George arriving to paint a cottage in Cranbrook, only to find it being freshly whitewashed. Seems to be closely related to a work of Hardy's in the Wolverhampton Gallery called The Dismayed Artist.

James Hayllar

[Going to School]
[Going Home from School]
both 1858, oil on panel, ovals
1829 - 1920.
Painter of portraits, figurative subjects and landscapes. Studied with F S Cary and at the RA Schools. Travelled in Italy 1851-3. Exhibited at the RA but mainly at Society of British Artists. Early works were portrais but in 1866 he started painting children and these became very successful, followed by pretty girls. He rented Castle Priory, at Wallingford on the Thames in 1875 and painted many scenes there, including village life. Four of his daughters became artists (Jessica, Edith, Mary and Kate).

Friday, August 22, 2008

£2.95 charity shop painting to sell for £3,000 at auction

Jan Buglass, 53, could make 1,000 per cent profit after the portrait, showing a pretty girl in a straw hat, was identified as the work of Royal Academician William Powell Frith.

The mother-of-four bought the picture at the PDSA shop at Portishead, near Bristol, 15 years ago, because she thought it suited her Victorian house's decor.

Edward Thompson Davis

[The Evening Lesson] 1858
oil on panel
1833 - 1867.
Genre painter who worked in Worcester. Exhibited at the RA (1854 - 67) - 19 rustic genre style pictures. His drawings were sold in 1951 and attracted a lot of attention and are now in various collections. He trained at the Birmingham School of Design at the same time as Burne-Jones but then returned to Worcester where he stayed for the rest of his life.

George Smith - The Visitor

oil on canvas
1829 - 1901.
Genre painter, pupil of the RA Schools and the artist C W Cope. Exhibited at the RA (1848 - 87) and elsewhere. Painted domestic scenes, often with children.

Edmund Havell Jnr

[The Lace Seller] 1864
oil on canvas, oval
1819 - 1894.
Son of Edmund Snr a landscape painter. The son was a genre and portrait painter who lived in Reading and London. Exhibited at the RA (1835 - 95) and elsewhere. Also a lithograper mainly of portraits. He visited the US and exhibited in Philadelphia.

Charles Sillem Lidderdale - Contemplation

oil on canvas

Thursday, August 21, 2008

John Thomas Peele

[The Knitting Lesson] 1858
oil on canvas
1822 - 1897.
Painter of genre, landscape and portraits. Born in Peterborough but at 12 emigrated to America with his parents and settled in Buffalo where he began to paint. Studied in New York then worked in Albany for several years as a portrait painter. Returned to NY but about 1851 returned to London and lived there apart from some recorded stays in Liverpool and the Isle of Man. Exhibited at the RA and elsewhere. Often featured children as subjects.

[Feeding the Pets] 1852
oil on canvas

[The approach of an enemy] 1861
oil on canvas

Charles Spencelayh - An Odd Lot

oil on canvas