Friday, May 16, 2008

William Frank Calderon

[Shelter] 1912
oil on canvas

The third son of Philip Hermogenes Calderon. At age sixteen he sold a painting of a dog to Queen Victoria. His painting, A Lady of Quality was exhibited at the Royal Academy. Calderon’s book Animal Painting and Anatomy is still much sought after today.

[How four queens found Sir Lancelot sleeping] 1908
Oil on Canvas

[A Lady of Quality]


Susan said...

I have a print from Oct 6, 1883 from "The Graphic." It is "The boy of many friends" from a picture by Frank Calderon. I am unable to find any information on this art piece.

Hermes said...

That sounds lovely but I'm not sure what anyone can tell you. His life is not that well documented unforunately.