Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thomas Worsey

[Still Life of Primroses, Apple Blossom and a Birds Nest]
oil on panel
1829 - 1875.
added 21 Feb 09 courtesy of Dianne Brown
Thom W, RBSA, 1829-1875
The Ws all came from S Staffordshire, but his branch had moved to B'ham. The Ws are best known for being canal boat builders in Tipton.
Thomas began work in his uncle's japanning and papier mache business but as he had obvious talent he was apprenticed elsewhere to become an ornamenter of papier mache wares. He remained at this till about 21, when he decided to branch out as an artist. He painted 10 pictures and sent them off, 9 were sold and this decided him to become an artist.
He exhibited at the Royal Academy and was a member of the Royal B'ham Society of Artists..He also lived in Scotland for a time. He was never in very good health and died perhaps before he became truly well known
I have 3 of his pictures, and there was one once on the Antiques Road Show.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh this is sooo pretty! Now I have to look the works of this artist up!
Great find...

Hermes said...

I can't find much about him, strasnge as he was obviously very talented. Needed a better agent (lol).

Unknown said...

I am a Worsey and I understand that I am a relative of Thomas Worsey, my father being born at Tipton in the West Midlands. I understand that I am also related to Joe Worsey the famous Worsey boat builder, also from Tipton. The reason for my blog is that there is a wonderful painting hanging in the drawing room at Bantock House, Merridale, Wolverhampton. I have a photograph of this painting if you would like to see a copy. I further understand that Wolverhampton City Council have an additional painting by Thomas but I have not seen it yet.
Patricia Griffin (nee Worsey)

Hermes said...

Thank you, I would love to see them, as he is a quality painter that doesn't seem to have received much attention in the past.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Worsey Jnr was the son of Thomas Worsey, a beer seller in Birmingham. Thomas was inextricably linked with the Worsey canal family of Tipton and later the canal boatbuilders as well as being related to the Fellows in Fellows, Morton and Clayton: one of the best known companies in canal history.
In his will, Thomas left £25 to his friend and framemaker, William Jackson; sums of money to Eliza and Mary Lee; his house to his niece; and everything else to his brother.
Check out askart for my contribution to his biography.