Wednesday, April 29, 2009

19th Century European Paintings sale - Sotherby's

[Study for Monte Carlo - Alphonse Muncha]
crayon on paper laid on board

[Edwin Long - The Palace Guard]
oil on canvas
In The Palace Guard a maidservant leans languidly against an intricately-ornamented wall while observing a palace sentry drinking coffee. The painting exemplifies Long's mastery at painting textures and surfaces, from the textiles and embroidery, to the incised metals and gleaming tiles.
Born in Bath, Edwin Long studied at the Royal Academy from 1849, and was a student under John Phillip. The latter encouraged his penchant for travel, and Long began his life-long search for exotic subjects in Spain, visiting the country regularly between 1857-73. In 1874 he visited Egypt and Syria, which ignited his career as an Orientalist painter.
3 Jun 09, 10:30 AM


Viola said...

I'd be happy with either of these!

Hermes said...

Me too Viola - but I notice going by the reserves at least that prices haven't fallen that much lately. So a good investment if I had that sort of money, and what beauty.