Saturday, April 25, 2009

(Sir) Robert Ponsonby Staples

signed R.P. Staples 30a Marlborough Hill/St Johns Wood
oil on canvas
1853 - 1943.


Anonymous said...

Love the Staples painting . . . I regognise the window and carpet and I think the piece of furniture in the forground. The scene is at Lissan House near Cookstown, Co. Tyrone. Lissan House featured in the BBC 'Restoration' series in 2003 - coming runner-up to the Manchester Baths in the UK final.
Would love a print of the picture . . do you know anything of the characters portrayed therein ?
I think Ponsy may have been recording an imaginary event involving his mother, father and acertain Miss Potter. Wonderful !

Hermes said...

That's most interesting - thanks. I have wondered about the background but nothing has come my way unfortunately.