Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stanhope Alexander Forbes

[Bridge at Gweek] 1932
oil on canvas
[Village Rendezvous] 1938
oil on canvas
Plymouth Art Gallery


Eunice POLOCK said...

Hi, Can you please tell me were the painting of Village Rendezvous was painted,as i have a copy that my father purchased in 1951 and it hung in our home for as long as i can remember, i am returning to England to tour the country side and would love to go to this stop... hoping you can help..Eunice

Hermes said...

Sorry the catalogue doesn't say but you might contact Plymouth Art Gallery. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I have the painting
Village rendez - vous
Does anyone know how much it is worth.
Its on canvas
If you find anything out can you please let me know..
Thank you..

Hermes said...

The gallery and people you want are:

Anonymous said...

The Village Rendezvous was painted in Hayle, Cornwall, where the Phillack road leaves the main road through the town.

Graham Coad said...

It is indeed Phillack, Hayle, but not near the main road (Which is the B3301).
It is where Lethlean Lane crosses the Loggans Mill leat and makes a crossroads with Undercliff and Glebe Row. The granite posts on the bridge are still there, and so is a public seat in the same location, but the thatched cottage on the right is replaced by new housing though those on the left remain pretty much the same. Graham.

Anonymous said...

I know this post is 2 years old but if village rendezvous is the bottom pic of these two I can tell you where it is! It's Glebe Row, Phillack, Hayle, Cornwall.