Saturday, May 24, 2008

Helena Maguire

[Watching with Mother]
[On the Way Home]
watercolour and bodycolour
1860 - 1909.

[A sting in her tail]
paper with gum arabic

[Animal Friends]


Jon Hatfield said...

Am familiar w/Maguire extensive art publication history but was not aware of paintings outside printed art paper. The paintings suggest possible further unidentified HM publication. Much unidentified publication of UK Victorian children artists.

Hermes said...

If other Victorian artists are anything to go by - there will be a huge amount of undiscovered material unrecognised.

SteveBrunt said...

I am so pleased to see the two children with the cows again. A copy of that used to hang in my grandmother's kitchen. However, it was captioned "Disputing the Passage", not "Animal Friends". I would love to get hold of print to give my Dad, who is now in his 90s