Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oliver Rhys - A Young Lacemaker

oil on canvas

fl. 1876 - 93
Landscape and genre painter, exhibited at the RA, otherwise unknown.

Herbert Blande Sparks

[In the Garden]
oil on canvas

fl. 1892-3




Charles Sims

[Night Piece to Julia]
oil on canvas
c. 1909 (there seem to be either several versions or one reworked version)
Julia was the daughter of the Scottish painter John MacWhirter. She married Sims and this painting was to commemorate their honeymoon.

[The Fountain] 1907-8
oil on canvas
Tate Gallery



['...and the fairies ran away with their clothes']
Leeds Art Gallery

James Jacques Joseph Tissot

[Partie Carree]
oil on canvas
first exhibited in Paris in 1870

Monday, April 28, 2008

John Riley Wilmer - Constance in Captivity

[Constance in Captivity] 1928
based on the story in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

fl. 1905 - 1926
I have seen dates of 1883 - 1941 but can't confirm them
He did a lot of his work in Falmouth



Noel Laura Nisbet - two paintings

[Pan and (the) (two) Lovers]
pencil and watercolour with touches of white heightening
signed 'N.L. Nisbet R.I.
26 3/8 x 39 1/4"
1887 - 1956
painter and illustrator

NISBET, Noel Laura. 28 September 1984. Paintings from the studios of Harry Bush and Noel Laura Nisbet. London: Christie's, Sale Catalogue.



William Holmes Sullivan

[A Harp]
oil on canvas

fl. 1870, d. 1908
Based in Liverpool.


Frederick Lord Leighton

[Ida, Adrian and Frederic Marryat]
oil on canvas
1851-2, painted in Frankfurt

(Sir) William Blake Richmond

[Portrait of Henry Dawson Greene (1862 - 1912) of lyne and Whittington Hall, Lancashire]
oil on canvas
probably c. 1864

Small boys did wear dresses in this period until they were 'breeched'




An Audience in Athens During Agamemnon by Aeschylus
Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery/Bridgeman Art Library
The priest of Dionysus sits in a special throne in the middle of the front row of the theatre

[Mrs. Luke lonides]
oil on canvas
Victoria & Albert

Sunday, April 27, 2008

John William Godward

[Pompeian Lady] 1891
oil on canvas

[A Greek Beauty] 1905
oil on canvas

Talbot Hughes

[Diana] 1904
oil on canvas

1869 - 1942.

[The story of the hare that got away] c. 1898
oil on panel

[Sewing for Victory] 1900
oil on panel


Harold Piffard

[At the Colosseum]
oil on canvas

[Joan of Arc]

Harold H. Piffard
fl. 1895 - 1899.
Painted military and costume scenes and lived in London. Exhibited at the RA.

Frank Markham Skipworth

[The Mirror] 1911

oil on canvas

1854 - 1929.

[The Lesson]
oil on canvas


1854 - 1929.
Painter of genre, portrait and historical pictures which he exhibited at the RA and elsewhere. Worked in Chelsea, London.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Golden Age web site

[A fair Amateur : Abraham Solomon]

A plug for my new web site A Golden Age which contains a lot of background on these paintings, notes on the different schools, themes etc.

(Sir) Laurence Alma-Tadema - Egyptian Chess Players

Chess was actually unknown to the Egyptians but they did play a similar sort of game they called senet, or 'hounds and jackals'.

[Portrait of Miss Laura Theresa Epps (Lady Alma-Tadema)]


[Spring Flowers]
oil on panel

The model is probably Marian Tattershall.

Frederick Pickford Marriott - Faithful Knight

Painted gesso and mother-of-pearl panel
1900 - 05
[The Faithful Knight in Equal Field subdues his Faithless Foe]
Frederick Marriott (1860 - 1941) painted figurative, landscape and architectural subjects. Also worked as an engraver. Studied at the School of Art, Colbrookdale and at the RCA. Exhibited at the RA. Lived mainly in Port Elizabeth, South Africa where there are examples of his works.

Arthur Hacker

[Autumn] c. 1905

1858 - 1919.



[Fire Fancies]



(Sir) Edward Coley Burne-Jones - The Star of Bethlehem

watercolour and bodycolour heightened with gold
64.5 x 98.5 cm

Painted in preparation for a tapestry to be made at the works set up at Merton Abbey by William Morris in 1881 probably for Exeter College, Oxford (where both Burne-Jones and morris had been undergraduates).

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery now has the largest collection of works by Burne-Jones in the world, including the massive watercolour Star of Bethlehem, commissioned for the Gallery in 1897.

This version was sold by Sotherby's in 1993.

Friday, April 25, 2008

(Sir) Edward Coley Burne-Jones - Design for "The Sirens"

watercolour and gouache heightened with gum arabic
the painting itself seems never to have been started, though it was a subject that fascinated him and he made a number of drawings and studies that seem to relate to a proposed painting (originally promised to Frederick Leyland in about 1891).

(Sir) Edward Coley Burne-Jones - Triptych : the Adoration of the Kings : The Annunciation

three panels, oil on canvas
commissioned by St Paul's Church, Brighton
where it was displayed on the High Alter till 1975 when it was moved to the local art gallery

sold at Sotherby's 1993
the catalogue has extensive notes on this wonderful piece

Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Study for a Vision of Fiammetta

1877, a study for the head of Fiammetta in the painting of 1878. The sitter was Mrs Maria Stillman. She was a pupil of Ford Madox Brown and an accomplished artist herself.
Sold at Sotherby's in 1993.

William Holman Hunt - The Square, Athens

Painted when in early 1892 when accompanied by his second wife, Edith, he visited Italy and Greece on his fourth, and final, visit to Syria and the Holy Land.