Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sotherby's - Irish Sale

[Noll : son of Oliver St John Gogarty - (Sir) William Orpen]
Thu, 7 May 09, 2:00 PM,

Henry James Johnstone - Sorry Boy

[Sorry Boy - None to Spare]
Born in Birmingham in 1835, he seems to have developed his style in watercolours after he went to Australia in 1853 where he became a photographer in Melbourne. Later he went to America until he returned to England in 1880 and died in London in 1907. He exhibired widely, including at the RA. Perhaps reflecting his career, his pictures have an almost photographic quality. Notice how much detail is in this picture. Unlike many pictures of the time it is not particularly 'cute' and rather reflects a sense of poverty (the boy is probably eating bread and weak tea).

Walter Heath Williams - Figure on a beaten track

[Figure on a beaten track, a cottage and sheep beyond]
oil on canvas

William Shayer Snr. - Fisherfolk

[Fisherfolk on the beach, with cliffs beyond] 1842
oil on canvas

Edward Wilkins Waite - The End of Autumn

oil on canvas

(Sir) John Gilbert - A Tranquil Stretch of River

oil on paper

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

19th Century European Paintings sale - Sotherby's

[Study for Monte Carlo - Alphonse Muncha]
crayon on paper laid on board

[Edwin Long - The Palace Guard]
oil on canvas
In The Palace Guard a maidservant leans languidly against an intricately-ornamented wall while observing a palace sentry drinking coffee. The painting exemplifies Long's mastery at painting textures and surfaces, from the textiles and embroidery, to the incised metals and gleaming tiles.
Born in Bath, Edwin Long studied at the Royal Academy from 1849, and was a student under John Phillip. The latter encouraged his penchant for travel, and Long began his life-long search for exotic subjects in Spain, visiting the country regularly between 1857-73. In 1874 he visited Egypt and Syria, which ignited his career as an Orientalist painter.
3 Jun 09, 10:30 AM

Samuel McCloy - A Surgical Operation

McCloy was an Irish painter born in Lisburn in 1831. He taught at the Waterford School of Art after serving an apprenticeship as an engraver. He then came to England and started exhibiting here after about 1875. He only exhibited one picture at the RA but was exhibited elsewhere. He specialised in figurative, genre and flower subjects.
This watercolour is fairly typical.

[Lost in the woods Watercolor heightened with bodycolour]

James Hamilton MacKenzie

[Cows in a woodland glade] '96
oil on canvas
1875 - 1926.
(with biography)

Adam Edwin Proctor

[A Shere Cottage, Surrey]
oil on board
1864 - 1913.

Benjamin Williams Leader - Picking Flowers

oil on board

Edward Henry Holder

[A game outside the cottage]
oil on canvas
fl. 1864 - 1917.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Painting Used As A Rent Check Sells For $360,000

[this is not the picture which isn't pictured anywhere I can find but A lake landscape at sunset from one of the best collection of his pictures:
A painting that was given to a landlord 100 years ago to pay for the rent on a property has just made back that amount and much more, after selling at auction for over £250,000 ($366,000).
The beautiful landscape named ‘Autumn Afterglow’ was painted by John Atkinson Grimshaw, the renowned Victorian painter who was well known for his landscapes and city scenes.
“I was very excited by this painting because of its quality and because it was so fresh to the market for the first time in 116 years, having been in the same family for generations, but I was still surprised by the price it fetched,” Richard Hopkinson, the auctioneer at London’s Bonhams where the painting was sold, said.
The painting was originally given to Councillor William Metcalf in place of rent, back in the 1880’s.

William Henry Hunt - A Rustic Beauty

1790 - 1864.
A watercolour artist. He became an artist after his parents decided it was the only career open to him after he was born crippled in the legs. He trained under John Varley. He painted landscapes but seems to have preferred rustic scenes like this one. Notice the care with which each object is painted and how relaxed the girl is.

Frederick Buckstone

[Clovelly, Bideford Bay, North Devon]
oil on canvas
fl. 1857 - 1874.

John Abernathy Lynas-Gray

[A Worcester Lane, near Ombersley] 1921
oil on canvas
1969 - 1940.
Otherwise can't trace this artist.

Ernest Walbourn - Feeding the Ducks

oil on canvas

Alfred de Breanski

[An Autumnal Sunset on the Thames at Hurley]
inscribed No 3 and an address in Lewisham
oil on canvas
[The Swann Inn, Pangbourne]
oil on panel

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sotherby's - 19th Century European Painting sale

[Jules Breton, Washerwomen of the Breton Coast. Oil on canvas]

Wyck Place, Hampshire

Wyck Place in Alton (London 50 miles) looks like a castle from certain angles and a Queen Anne house from others – and hasn’t appeared on the open market for 200 years. A fascinating example of Victorian style, with gigantic reception rooms, seven bedrooms and a tower. There are two staff houses, a lake, formal gardens, a tennis court and nearly 40 acres. Strutt & Parker: 020 7629 7282.
Yes please!

Otto Theodore Leyde - Happy as the Day is Long

Born in Prussia in 1835, in his early 20's he came to Britain and settled in Edinburgh where he worked as a lithographer. He also painted in both oils and watercolours and became well known for his landscapes and genre subjects. He exhibited at the RA and elsewhere but especially in Scottish galleries. This watercolour was of a Scottish beach with the two girls carrying a basket of shellfish and the jolly baby. Notice the very 'moody' cloudscape and small details like the shellfish are covered with seaweed to keep it fresh. The short shadow indicates a morning scene.

Henry John Kinnaird

[A backwater on the Thames, near Sonning]
oil on canvas
fl. 1880 - c. 1920.

Joseph Thors - Near Coleshill, Warwickshire

oil on canvas

George Cuitt

[An extensive river landscape, possibly looking towards Marsh Edge, Richmond, Yorkshire]
oil on canvas
1743- 1818.
A Yorkshire painter who studied in Italy but settled in Richmond and exhibited local views at the RA from 1788 till 1798.

Julius Caesar Ibbetson - The Old Mill

oil on canvas

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Charles Gregory

[Near Elstead, Surrey]
1849 - 1920.
Born in London and trained at the RA Schools, he exhibited at the RA from 1877 till 1897 showing historical and genre subjects in watercolour. Also worked as an illustrator. He moved to Surrey in 1892 painting riverside walks and woodland walks. He died in Marlow-on-Thames in 1920.

Ernest Borough Johnson

[Portrait of a Mother and Child in summer dresses]
oil on canvas
signed with monogram l.r.
40 x 30"
1866 - 1949.

Joseph Milner Kite

[The Young Model]
oil on canvas
45 7/8 x 28 3/4"
signed J Milner Kite l.r.
1862 - 1945.

T C Gotch - self portrait

oil on canvas
in carved and gilded Florentine frame
24 x 19"

Frank (Frederick) Dudley Walenn

[Portrait of Frank, son of W. Bell Esq. standing full length, in a white shirt and shorts] 1908
St John's Wood N.W. (London)
oil on canvas
fl. 1894 - 1930.

Alfred Morgan

[A Spray of Wildflowers on a bank] 1886
oil on canvas
fl. 1862 - 1904.
Is this the much better known Alfred Morgan, I suspect not ?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Helena Maguire

[A Quiet Corner]
1860 - 1909.
A watercolourist working in the style of Birket Foster and William Henry Hunt. Daughter of Thomas Herbert Maguire a historical painter and her sister Adelaide Agnes was known for her genre and flower paintings. Helena exhibited at the RA but never became very well known. She illustrated a number of children's books.

Charles Archer

[Plums and an Apple on a mossy bank]
oil on canvas
1855 - 1931.

(Sir) Robert Ponsonby Staples

signed R.P. Staples 30a Marlborough Hill/St Johns Wood
oil on canvas
1853 - 1943.

George Lance - Still Life

[Grapes, cherries, plums, gooseberries and melons on a silver platter with a bejewelled cup and cover on a ledge] 1853
oil on canvas in a circle

Eloise Harriet Stannard

[A basket of Strawberries] 1886
oil on canvas
[A basket of Raspberries on a ledge]
oil on canvas
including works currently for sale

Friday, April 24, 2009

William Mulready - The Young Musician

oil on board

Herbert P. Dollman

[The Acrobat's Admirers] 1880
oil on canvas
1856 - 1892.

Vincent Clare

[May blossom, violets, primroses, daffodils in a wicker basket, snd eggs in a bird's nest, on a mossy bank]
oil on canvas
[Grapes and raspberries; and spring flowers in a wicker basket, on a mossy bank]
oil on canvas
1855 - 1930.

Oliver Clare

[Gages, greengages, raspberries and gooseberry on a mossy bank]
oil on canvas

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Agnes Gardner King

[Beside the River]
fl. 1880 - 1902.
Hardly known yet a good watercolour artist, King exhibited widely, including at the RA and with her sister Elizabeth Thomson King is known to have lived in London, Newbury and Florence. Both painted landscapes and figurative subjects. Althugh sweet to modern tastes the handling of the figures and trees shows a good technique and Chinese White is used on the dress (first put on the market by Winsor & Newton in 1834). No doubt the subject was inspired by the poem 'Mary had a Litttle Lamb'.

Frederick Goodall - Banks of the Nile

[Waiting for the Dahabeyah, on the banks of the Nile] 1893
oil on canvas

James Cowie

[Moorish Guard]
oil on canvas
fl. 1916 - 1940.
Is this the same artist ?

William James Muller - An Arab before a Mosque

oil on canvas