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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

BBC - The Genius of Design - [2010]

The drawing room at Melsetter House, Orkney

The combination of white painted panelling with Morris chintzes at Melsetter House designed by W.R. Lethaby in 1898, was characteristic of the light simplicity of the Arts and Crafts drawing room.
—Wendy Hitchmough, 2000


Publicity portrait of Valeska Suratt, 1906

Valeska Suratt (June 28, 1882 – July 2, 1962) was an American stage and silent film actress. Over the course of her career, Surrat appeared in eleven silent films all of which are now lost.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Old Market Street in the 1900's Bristol

From The Baby’s Opera, by Walter Crane

Walter Crane, illustration from Beauty and the Beast,1875

Walter Crane, At Home—A Portrait, 1872

Walter Crane, At Home—A Portrait, 1872.
Although this portrait of Crane’s wife was painted in Rome, the elements of an ‘aesthetic’ setting are there; tiled fireplace, embroidered hanging, black and gold overmantel mirror, Japanese fan and blue-and-white pottery vase add up to a statement of artistic and intellectual inclinations.
—Charlotte Gere and Lesley Hoskins, 2000

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Henry Woods - In the Rhone Valley

Woods went to Venice in 1876 on the recommendation of his lifelong friend, Luke Fildes. Venice was a fashionable place for an artist to work and Woods fell in with a cosmopolitan set, befriending the artists Whistler and Sargent, whose innovative techniques had a powerful influence on his work. This lively sketch, drenched in light, is a good example of his spontaneous process.

George Clausen - Solitude (August Moonrise)

By 1895, the year of this painting, Clausen was aware of contradictions between the two French artists he most admired: Bastien-Lepage, whom he thought was ‘consummate’ in ‘rendering facts’, and Millet, intensely spiritual, rendering ‘sentiment’. It was the moody Symbolist landscapes of GF Watts which
provided a bridge. Clausen wrote (for a lecture on Watts that he gave at the RA in 1905): ‘...landscape does not mean only to peep out of doors... but it should express the infinite spaces of earth and sky.’ Watts’ influence is strong in this moody painting, dark but full of light.

A Roger Benz

Old Trolley Bus