Thursday, April 24, 2008

George Price Boyce

[Church and ancient uninhabited house at Ludlow] 1871-2

shows the rear of the Reader's House and the Church of St. Laurence in Ludlow

1826 - 18997.

[At Binsey, near Oxford] 1862


Anonymous said...

Look at how those trees were brutally pruned. Otherwise such a soft painting. I have missed coming here and seeing your work.I've been way to busy. But thank you for keeping up with me.

I do appreciate it so much. I love your work documenting all this art. It reminds me of my genealogy work which so few really even know about. I know this is a tremendous amount of work for you. Thank you so much cause I really wish I had a book of them all. Artist use to tell such wonderful stories.

Hermes said...

What kind words, thank you Anna. To me it is all one beautiful strand that weaves a pattern through my life. I love your blog, always full of good ideas.

Anonymous said...

I'm here today cause it's been so hectic and this is calm and peaceful for me. This is my favorite blog to visit. I love gardening blogs but hermes, this blog requires nothing of me except pure enjoyment. I think tomorrow I'll spend more time at your Golden Age Gardens.

My new Southern Living Magazine has an article in it about a glass greenhouse made of old windows. It's an L shape and rather large. I'm so intrigued by it. I don't think the pictures are on line yet but soon as they are, I'll share them with you.

Have a wonderful day.

Hermes said...

Thank you Anna. I love old greenhouses and have had several myself over the years.