Thursday, April 10, 2008

George Hillyard Swinstead

[Little Red Riding Hood]
signed l.l.
oil on canvas
45 3/4 x 27 1/4"

1860 - 1926.

[The Angel's Message]


Addie said...


Back in 1977, my then husband and I purchased our first home; an old New England colonial. While putting things in the attic, I discovered an old wood framed print of Red Riding Hood signed G. Hillyard Swinstead tucked away in one of the eaves. There have been births, divorce, death, moves, happiness and sadness but this favorite thing of mine has always stayed close to me as it brings me much pleasure just to look at it. I've often wondered if there is any interesting history to it and to see it on your site was very exciting! Thanks for any additional info !


Hermes said...

How lovely to have this - it's a lovely painting, especially for me as I love old fairy / folk tales. If you google him there is a lot of his work on the net but not much on his private life unfortunately and no recent books seem to mention him.