Wednesday, October 22, 2008

(Sir) John Lavery - Midsummer

inscribed, signed and dated l.c.: MIDSUMMER JOHN LAVERY 1884; signed and inscribed with the title and the artist's address on the reverse

oil on panel
8 ½ by 12 ½ in
Lavery spent much of the years 1883 to 1884 in the ancient French village of Grez to the south of Fontainebleu. The area housed a number of like-minded artists at this time including a number of the Glasgow Boys. Lavery fondly remembered these as being his ‘happiest days in France’ which is reflected in the art which he produced. Perhaps the best known of his works at this time is The Bridge at Grez of 1883. This period shows Lavery incorporating more sophistication in his work in terms of space and especially atmospheric effects which can clearly be seen in the present work. Lavery spent much of his time experimenting with painting en plein air and produced a number of similar studies in this manner. The picture exudes sunshine with its bright palette and is rendered in a way which is indicative of the artist’s unique skills.

1856 - 1941.

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