Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Painting Used As A Rent Check Sells For $360,000

[this is not the picture which isn't pictured anywhere I can find but A lake landscape at sunset from one of the best collection of his pictures:
A painting that was given to a landlord 100 years ago to pay for the rent on a property has just made back that amount and much more, after selling at auction for over £250,000 ($366,000).
The beautiful landscape named ‘Autumn Afterglow’ was painted by John Atkinson Grimshaw, the renowned Victorian painter who was well known for his landscapes and city scenes.
“I was very excited by this painting because of its quality and because it was so fresh to the market for the first time in 116 years, having been in the same family for generations, but I was still surprised by the price it fetched,” Richard Hopkinson, the auctioneer at London’s Bonhams where the painting was sold, said.
The painting was originally given to Councillor William Metcalf in place of rent, back in the 1880’s.

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