Friday, February 29, 2008

James Baker Pyne

[Heidelberg from the Terrace]

1857. The artist is presumably Pyne himself. It was commissioned by Messrs. Alderman, Agnew & Sons for £250.

1800 - 1870.
A landscape painter and watercolourist. Born in Bristol where he worked, self-taught, until he was 35 but then moved to London and exhibited at the RA and other venues. At first he painted around Bristol but later travelled on the Continent. He admired Turner and it has clearly influenced him.

[View of the Custom House from the Thames] 1850
oil on canvas

[Sunrise on the Thames, Windsor Castle] 1839
oil on canvas

[Windermere after the Regatta] 1853
oil on canvas


Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Charlotte Pyne and i am tracking my family name. i can not belive there are so many artists named pyne, its odd because loads of my family are good painters as well ike me and my granny and grampa:D

Hermes said...

That's interesting; must be in the genes.