Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Surely the Victorians were the greatest of Britons (article)

[detail Street Arabs at Play 1890 oil - Dorothy Stanley]

For decades the Victorians and their art have been dismissed as old-fashioned and sentimental. But we are wrong to reject the most dynamic chapter of our history?

Jeremy Paxman

[Lee Dublin]

******* update 4th July 2009 ****************

for more on Dorothy Stanley (nee Tennant)


Anonymous said...

Street Arabs at Play? What an odd title for such fair skinned blond kids! LOL

Hermes said...

I never thought of that - not very PC these days, but we still call kids that over here.

CAMILLA said...

I have loved visiting your web page of wonderful paintings.

Thank you for posting the link for Jeremy Paxman - The Times,I also viewed his programme tonight on
BBC1 on the Victorian era of artist's.

Hermes said...

Thanks for reminding me. I don't have a tv but it will be on iPlayer later today along with Larkrise. I liked your choice of favourite paintings by the way.