Monday, February 15, 2010

Apologies again!

Just when I'd about caught up with most of my emails and blog friends, British Telecom changed my phone number after they made a mistake; deleting my entire line rather than re-assigning it to another phone company. Mind you, you have to wonder if it was an accident as they did everything possible to try and stop me changing supplier, and its taken me nearly two months to get this far.

Anyway by 'loosing' my phone number I lost my broadband connection and Orange had to treat me as a new customer with a new phone number. I've only just got my internet connection back. It's amazing how you come to rely on email and the Internet!

Excuses over I'll start blogging again tomorrow if all is still working.


Dsata said...

This is such a cute kitten !!

Hermes said...

Thank you. Not my cat (mine is black and white) but it seemed to sum up how I felt.