Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Helen Bradley - Good Gracious ...

igned with the fly monogram l.r.
oil on board

18 by 24in.
This picture is sold with a framed note written by the artist that reads;

'"Good Gracious", said Dr Currie, "Have you smelled her breath?"
Father had just saddled "Fanny" to the trap when she suddenly sat down. Dr Currie was passing and father asked if he thought she'd got colic! but Dr Currie said he thought she was slightly tipsy! Everyone laughed & mother, very red in the face asked George & I if we knew anything about it, "Well mother", I said "Weve only given her a bucketful or two of Willie Murgatroyds fathers medicine". "He had a barrel full of it in the cellar and Willie couldn't turn the tap off, so we filled Fannys bucket with it". "Mr Murgatroyd always said it did him good, so we thought it would do Fanny good also". "We didn't know it would make her set down". Poor mother, she said she felt mortified especially as Miss Carter (who wore Pink) was close by talking to Mrs Currie & Mr Taylor (the Bank Manager) and the year was 1907.
Helen Layfield Bradley 1968'

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