Thursday, February 21, 2008

Helen Allingham - Cottages and School Green

[At School Green, Isle of Wight]
signed 'H. Allingham'
pencil and watercolour with scratching out
17 x 14 1/8"

This watercolour dates from 1891. when Allingham invited to spend Easter with the Tennysons at Freshwater. Like his father Lord Tennyson, Hallam was a great admirer of her work and the purpose of the visit was to show the artist some picturesque thatched buildings as possible subjects for her pictures. She was so pleased to see that many of the cottages had retained their thatched roofs that she returned in subsequent years to paint during the Spring. She continued to visit Hallam and Lady Tennyson after poet's death in 1892 and, with her brother Arthur Paters published The Homes of Tennyson in 1905.

[Cottages at Godalming]
signed 'H. Allingham'
pencil and watercolour with scratching out
8.5 x 9"

Apart from having to support her family on the proceeds of her popular cottage paintings. Allingham was creating a record of buildings she felt were at risk of demolition or unsympathetic restoration. This painting is a prime example as to the value of her work. There is no documentation relating to this row of cottages in Godalming, however on the original mount the artist noted that 'they were pulled down in 1904.

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