Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tom Lloyd

[Feeding the Calves] 1885
Watercolour heightened with bodycolour
[Milking Time] 1903
Watercolour heightened with bodycolour
1849 - 1910.
Landcape, genre and marine painter. Lived in London, Walmer Beach and Yapton, Sussex. Exhibited at the RA and elsewhere.


silaivamon said...

interesting. feeding the calves is in auction today, Dreweatts, Newbury, estimate of 2k -3k, lovely paintings

Hermes said...

Thank you, that seems a very reasonable price for his quality.

Unknown said...

Hi there,
I've got a Tom Lloyd (1903) painting and am wondering if you know where I can find out how much it is valued at? It was my grandmother's and I'd like to sell it.
Thank you.

Hermes said...

Take it to one of the free auction valuation days. A dealer will give you an estimate at a cost. Between 2-3k is about right.