Sunday, November 23, 2008

Paul Falconer Poole - Ferdinand and Miranda

[Ferdinand and Miranda share a moment beneath Prospero's watchful eye; side panel of a triptych showing scenes from Shakespeare's Tempest]
oil on canvas
1807 - 1879.
According to the catalogue this seems to be a second version by the artist, dating to probably the late 1850's. The subject was first exhibited at the RA in 1849.
Caliban is shown labouring in the background.
The centre panel of the triptych showed the conspiracy of Sebastian and Antonio, the right hand panel, Ferdinand and Miranda discovered by Alonzo at the entrance of the cave, playing chess.


Anonymous said...

As I am painting an ocean scene, I can't help but wonder why this looks so stunning compared to mine!

Ahhh, what I would give to paint like this!

Hermes said...

I like your Sand Castle painting don't do it down.