Monday, January 25, 2010

Edward Seago

[Morning Haze, Sheum Wan, Hong Kong]
oil on board
26 x 20"
[The Acropolis, Athens]
oil on board
20 x 30"
[Morning Haze, Ramsgate]
oil on board
20 x 30 1/4"


alice c said...

I love the composition of the Ramsgate picture and the subtle shading.

I discovered recently that my father met Ted Seago when he was on a yachting holiday with a schoolfriend. Ted Seago's yacht was moored nearby and he came over for drinks. My father said it was a very enjoyable evening and he only realised much later that he was an artist.

Hermes said...

What a fascinating connection. Although a little modern for me I do like his works.

Gregory Becker said...

Dont you just love Edward Seago?

Hermes said...

Thanks Gregory - yes, he had real style and a sense of composition.