Sunday, January 30, 2011

William Blandford Fletcher - King John's Bridge - Tewkesbury

People were poorer, and had not the comforts, amusements or knowledge we have today, but they were happier.

Flora Thompson
Lark Rise to Candleford


Sue Catmint said...

this quote from flora thompson is idealizing the past I think. Wonderful painting of the old woman, and the village scene.

Hermes said...

I think that sums up Flora rather well but her book is delightful if not exactly inclusive. Still every generation thinks they were happier in their youth!

iam6of11 said...

I have a very old etching of King John's Bridge that is signed by the artist.....but I can only make out is framed under glass and looks to have been framed in the 40's? I would love to learn something about this original work of art. If anyone has info please contact me at Thanks!