Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh well - if at first ...

Mixing different periods on the this my main blog seemed like a good idea but is confusing the hell out of me, if no-one else. I've just acquired several hundred new Newlyn/British Impressionist pictures in addition to the pile I already have of Victorian/Edwardian. I guess the first idea I had of making separate blogs makes more sense. It gives viewers a better choice and stops me posting to this blog every few hours.

I will be making a few minor changes in that I will be adding more pictures from new catalogues I've bought that often aren't on the net. Though I'm not in the trade I do regularly check the main dealers and auctions and want to highlight more pictures for sale that others might be interested in. I also want to include posts on artists biographies and technical details. I hope in time to add more detailed separate 'catalogues' on the main artists I personally research.

My health is still pretty awful but since I can't go out much I will try to keep these blogs up as long as I can. Who knows I may get better!

I do welcome comments and will try to help with queries and valuations when I can - but bear in mind I am only an interested amateur. I'm retired now but regret not buying more pictures when I was younger. But I was busy flying all over the world and it didn't seem so important then.