Tuesday, January 13, 2009

William Holyoake - The Lovers Vow

signed on the stile
oil on canvas
1834 - 1894.
Genre and historical painter. Member and vice-president of the RBA where he mainly exchibited, but also at the RA and elsewhere. Twice the Curator of one of the Academy Schools.


Anonymous said...

Dear Phillip,

I was wondering whether you could give me any more information you may possess about the painter (William Holyoake), his painting style and any other works of his. I was also hoping that you might be able to confirm for me that he was the son of noted secularist George Jacob Holyoake.

Many Thanks,

Matthew Lowe

Anonymous said...

and my email address is matthew@endboard.com if you could contact me there, as I tried emailing the address shown but was unable to do so.