Tuesday, May 19, 2009

James Tissot - Young Lady in a Boat

[Jeune Femme en Bateau]
c. 1870
oil on canvas
Private Collection
Exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1870


Natalis said...

flower colours work so well with whole image, and the dog...hah, he's the best, guarding his lady.
beautiful composition

Hermes said...

I just love Tissot. I like dogs but not Pugs particularly, they sniffle a lot poor things. Tissot could paint ladies like no one else imho.

Enzie Shahmiri said...

I love the pug in the background!:) The color combination work really well in this painting.

John McKeon said...

I know this says 'private collection,' but do you have any more specific background on this painting... i.e. it's current owner, or location it was last sold. (country would suffice.)


Hermes said...

Sorry John, I don't know. But the people who might know are: