Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Clarkson Stanfield - The Castle of Ischia (Castello D'Ischia) from the Mole

[The Castle of Ischia (Castello D'Ischia) from the Mole]
commissioned by G. Knott
56 x 91"
exhibited at the RA 1841
seems to have been painted (or sketched) on his journey to Naples in 1838 probably on Christmas Eve when there was a violent storm. It was a big success at the RA and Goodall made a fine engraving of it in 1844 for the Art Union.

56 x 91"
commissioned by G. Knott and in his collection to 1845
exhibited RA 1841

[Mouth of the Scheldt] 1835
1793 - 1867.

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