Saturday, May 16, 2009

Minnie Jane Hardman

[Picking Buttercups]
b. 1867
Minnie is rather obscure but painted children, portraits and flowers, traditional subjects for women painters of the time. She did exhibit at the RA from 1900 and they were considered charming if perhaps uninspired.


Natalis said...

well tough one...i don't know if i like it so much becouse of the colours(my fav ones green &blue) or is it whole picture, composition, title and softness...
i once was painting with watercolours, i liked it very much and would like to come back to this style, but now i'm still deep into strong colours and shapes, thick lines and poster-look in my images.Maybe that's why i like this one so much, i'm too deep into intensivity so this one is stepping stone for me..

Hermes said...

Actually I happen to know the watercolour technique on this one is rather interesting as she used light almost transparent layer for the landscape but deepened and added more layers for the girls to make them stand out. Clever

Natalis said... i understand why is it so special :)