Saturday, February 7, 2009

Charles Spencelayh

[The Darned Sock]
Hammer Price with Buyer's Premium: 20,700 GBP (1998)
oil on canvas
76 by 50.5 cm., 30 by 20 in.
oil on canvas
[The Artist's Studio] 1953
oil on canvas


The Old Nail said...

Wonderful paintings! Spencelayh was perhaps the last remaining of the 'Victorian' painters, in that he continued working well into the 20thC.

Who could imagine such meticulous technique coming from such a ramshackle studio!

Hermes said...

I like his work and he and Grimshaw must have been very prolific as I think they feature in every auction catalogue I have.

Anonymous said...

The watchmaker is a beautiful piece. It is nice to see people take pride in their work and have it captured on canvas.

Hermes said...

Hi Enzie,

I agree. I thought you would comment on his studio. I hope all studios are not like that - what confusion!