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James Charles - Signing the Marriage Register

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Reference:- James Charles: "Signing the Marriage Register"

The entry under James Charles in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography is as follows:

"... Signing the Marriage Register (1895, Cartwright Hall, Bradford Museums and Art Galleries), portrays the interior of the Church at Bosham, with his wife Ellen, and two daughters, Nina and Marion, used as models"

The 1891 census entry for Colnor House, Railway View, Bosham, Sussex sets out the CHARLES family and there is mention of a "Marrion F. CHARLES" there is no mention of Nina. It is possible therefore that the reference to "Nina" in ONDB is a mistake.

Peter R. Wood
Isle of Man

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Thank you, thats interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Reference:- James Charles: "Signing the Marriage Register"

I advert to my comment of June 5,2011. Further research enables me to provide much more information about this picture.

Firstly the reference to "NINA" CHARLES. This was the nickname or family name of Ellen Agnes CHARLES 1877-1957 the eldest daughter of James Charles.

I can also now provide identification of some of the characters in the picture:
Bride - Annie Curtis.
Bridegroom - Harry More, the sailor.
Minister - Alfred Hickman, the village blacksmith.
Woman at his left with short veil, wife of James Charles.
Next to her at left - Nina, eldest daughter.
Little girl - Marion, daughter.
Old man in smock - Farmer Jenkins.
Next to him at left - "Granny", Mrs. Apps.
Others -
Uncle Jo Major
Mrs. Treagus
Mrs. Mary Batchelor
Mrs Snelgrove (Laura Gardener)

This information was obtained from an out of print booklet entitled "Biography of JAMES HENRY CHARLES (1851 - 1906) English Artist" by "Jac" Charles. This was the pen name of Elsie Stagmeier (nee Charles)1895-1995 youngest daughter of James Charles. I was kindly provided with a copy of the booklet by Richard Charles - a grandson of the artist.

Peter R. Wood
Isle of Man

Peter R. Wood said...

There is an article in "the Bulawayo Chronicle" dated 16th March and the year is circa 1960-67 It is entitled "Her father was a great portrait artist" It contains the reminiscences of Miss Marion CHARLES a daughter of James Charles. She makes reference to the picture "Signing the Marriage Register" here are a number of quotes:-

"All his 12 children had to stand for him, as models for his various portrait groups"

" The picture was painted, not in the church, but in her father's studio at their home, she told me. The registrar's desk was their old Tudor table. "We still have it. My niece has it in her home in Dorset"

Peter R. Wood
Isle of Man