Sunday, October 30, 2011

'Why must I suffer like this? It's tearing the flesh from my bones':


Hels said...

I am very sympathetic to half of this historical analysis. The true extent of the Queen’s grief was perfectly understandable, even though it went on for ever and involved people outside her immediate family.

Losing a husband must be nightmarish, especially a young man like Albert. I fall apart when my husband works in the country for a week each year, leaving me in the city.

Now to the other half. Victoria may well have remained oblivious to the everyday realities of hunger, poverty and political unrest. But she was a head of state, not a politician!!!!

Apart from signing legislation and opening Parliament, what did it matter if she locked herself in the palace for the rest of her life?

Hermes said...

I think she was self indulgent and what was this with John Brown really about?

As you know I think the whole royal thing is redundant. Rather sad that you (not you personally of course) in Australia gave the Queen such a good reception. Better if she had just been ignored and opened the occasional dog show.