Friday, July 25, 2008

Charles Edward Halle - Paolo and Francesca

[Paolo and Francesca]
oil on canvas
exhibited 1888
73.5 x 48 3/4"
exhibited London, New Gallery 1888

1846 - 1919.
Born in Paris, the son of (Sir) Charles Halle, the pianist and conductor. He came to England about 1848 (French Revolution) and was taught by Richard Doyle and Baron Marochetti and went to the RA Schools. At 16 he spent a year in Paris and after health problems travelled in Italy. Back in London he met Rossetti and Burne-Jones and with Joseph Comyns helped found the Grovesnor Gallery with Sir Courts Lindsay which became the flagship of the Aesthetic Movement. But after much controversy he withdrew and with the help of Burne-Jones (and Carr) founded the New Gallery in Regent Street in 1888. He painted all this time.

Thje painting is based on the story of Francesca da Rimini and Paolo Malatesta, the brother and sister-in-law who fell in love and were murdered by Francesca's outraged husband c. 1285.

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