Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Harry George Theaker - two pictures

[A Young Maiden with Pan and Cupid, in a wild garden]
Pencil and Watercolour
21.5 x 14 3/8"
1873 - 1954.
Painted landscapes, also decorative and stained glass. Studied at Burslem School of Art at the RCA and in Italy. Born Wolstanton, Staffs, lived in London.

[Standing Woman]


Anonymous said...

The first image is so tenderly rendered. I am not familiar with this artist, so I am happy that you introduced me.

Hermes said...

Thanks. I've noticed you often pick my favourites.

Anonymous said...

is this the George Theaker that painted,little Moreton hall painting.c1886. from Peter Theaker.PETERTHEAKER@GOOGLEMAIL.COM

Hermes said...

Sorry for taking so long to reply.



Linna Sarah said...

Sorry, this isn't the same person who painted Old Moreton Hall - that was George Theaker, Harry George's father. He was also an artist and was head of the Wedgewood Institute in Burslem in the 1800s (sorry, don't know the exact dates).

Hermes said...

Thank you Linna for pointing out my mistake - quite right.

Unknown said...

does anyone have any more info on this artist, he taught my aunt Violetta Janes at the Regent Street Poly I think.