Monday, July 14, 2008

Samuel Edmund Waller - The Challenge

signed and dated l.l.: S.E.Waller/1887
oil on canvas
180.5 by 150 cm., 71 by 59 in.

Samuel Edward Waller painted genre and romantic subjects, usually in eighteenth-century settings and almost invariably including animals. He lived in Gloucester, and seems to have found the architectural and landscape settings for his paintings in the neighbouring countryside. He worked principally in oil, and many of his paintings, including the present work entitled The Challenge, appeared at the Royal Academy summer exhibitions. In addition he made illustrations among which several appered as plates in The Graphic.

In an essay describing Waller and his work, W.E. Henley concluded that the artist 'works easily and deftly in oils, black and white, and in water colours; and he has an apt and vigorous faculty of dramatic invention and a straight, sure sense of dramatic effect.' (Art Journal, 1881, pp.117-20)

London, Royal Academy of Arts, 1887, no.645


Elizabeth said...

I have a print called "The Lovers" which is attributed to Samuel Edmund Waller but I can't find any way of confirming this. My print is in poor condition but I adore it and would love to find a replacement. Any help gratefully accepted.

Hermes said...

Sorry I can't answer enquiries at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have a print of The Lovers that you require, how much are you willing to pay, it is in very good condition, you can email me on