Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chrysler Museum redefines Victorian art in new exhibit

[British Victorian Art -- William Scott's 1845 portrait of wealthy English entrepreneur and philanthropist Thomas Holloway is among 60 paintings on view at the Chrysler Museum of Art in "London Calling: Victorian Paintings from the Royal Holloway Collection." Courtesy of the Royal Holloway Collection, University of London (Daily Press / October 30, 2010)],0,450486.story


alice c said...

I know them well - they are touring while the purpose built Picture Gallery undergoes extensive renovation. At the moment the spaces are filled with rather nondescript portraits.

Thomas Holloway himself was a person of great energy and vision and built the Sanatorium in Virginia Water as well as Royal Holloway College for the education of young women. I would be delighted to arrange a tour of the gallery if you were in the area!

Hermes said...

How kind, but I am disabled now and getting into town is a chore. But I really appreciate the thought. I have a catalogue of his complete collection and he was a collector with a real eye.