Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Alfred Augustus Glendening Jr - The Dove


oil on canvas

h: 43 x w: 31 in / h: 109.2 x w: 78.7 cm

Alfred Augustus Glendening Jnr. was born into an artistic family in 1861. Glendening was a member of the Royal Society of British Artists and from 1880 was a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy. His work now hangs in the Tate Gallery, London and in Aberdeen, Scotland. Glendening was an important Victorian artist who was able to capture light with great sensitivity. This painting is a perfect example of the highly detailed and romantic art that was popular in the Nineteenth Century.


Fadas de Luz said...

Belíssima arte.

Hermes said...

Agreed its so lovely - I like art like this.

Unknown said...

Amazing artist.