Sunday, July 20, 2008

John da Costa

[Idleness] 1898
oil on canvas
1867 - 1931.
One of his rare allegorical paintings, his fame resting more on his excellent society portraits, especially in America for the Mellon, Duke and Vanderbilt families. He was encouraged at an early age by Millais and Stanhope-Forbes and in 1887 joined the Academic Julien in Paris for three years and then worked at Newlyn in Cornwall. However his biggest influence seems to have been his friend John Singer Sargent who advised him to work in America in 1905.

[The Glen Walker sisters]
oil on canvas


Roberta said...

The Glen Walker portrait is of the sisters of my step-grandfather, Herbert Glen Walker. I would love to know if the original is in a museum or privately help. Hohn Da Costa was married to Lillie Glen Walker.

Michael L. Beeck said...

This portrait is hanging in the Hermitage Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee. It is by John Da Costa (British, 1867-1931), "The Glen Walker Sisters".

Roberta said...

Wow, thank you so much for letting me know! The painter’s great grandson let me know it had been sold, but I’ve always wondered about it. I met Mr. De Costa’s granddaughter when she visited my family in Texas.I was aware that this hotel has a big art collection, but never dreamed this English portrait would end up there!

Roberta said...

PS Michael, do you know if the hotel has the original or a print? Thanks